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Steve Robinson: Guestbook

Steve Bovich

November 29, 2012

Old friend trying to contact Steve R

Maureen Fitzgerald Turner

May 13, 2010

I am very impressed. I never knew you could sing or really play for that matter. Sounds great. Hoping I get to see you live one day.

Anita Conway

April 16, 2010

Your music gets better and better. Wow! Love it.

todd evans

February 14, 2009

stella(r music) rob(inson) ...

i think i get it now ...

and 'tis true !

sean negron

August 18, 2008

steve amazing !!!
all the years at the house with that vast music collection of yours.
I knew one day you would be doing what was in your heart


Nina Lashua

June 29, 2008

Hi Steve,

Love your music.... don't know if it's on the airwaves down in FLA yet but it should be! I hope you post more pictures on your site. Hope you're doing well these days. Take care!


suzanne ernst

May 28, 2008

Hi Steve,
Your site is beautiful. I tried finding some info on The Yellow Handkerchief site, for something on the(your) song used for the movie.
Nothing there yet...Will you be putting this info up on your "News" link?

Much success and good health to you!

Peggy Wood

February 2, 2008

I'm proud of you Steve.Can't wait to hear the new cd.

Geoffrey Armes

August 5, 2007

Found you through Rich's guitar group mailing list... some nice sounds here. Enjoy Memphis!

johnny doyle

July 6, 2007

ROCK ON STEVIE BABY!!!! Love ya bud. One day I'll come see ya! I'll call you for luck soon. The BEST to all.



March 29, 2007

Saw you at The Irish Cottage. Nice stuff....B

Richard Bednarz

October 2, 2006

Every time I listen to your CD it reminds me of our times together at Morgan Stanley. Hope all is well. I shared a couple copies of Back Roads with my wife's cousins a few weeks ago. They absolutely loved A Little Bit of Heaven as their favorite. All the best buddy. Stuck in PA until December, but hope to catch up with you at the Irish Cottage one of these days.
Best wishes,
Rich Bednarz

Sandi Martin

August 9, 2006

Steve & Ellen,

I have been meaning to call since I listened to your CD. I love it. As a matter of fact I lent it to Janet (remember she was in Ireland with us) I also lent it to another one of my friends. You sound great!!!

Thank you so much. I will talk to you guys soon. Take Care

Mark Virgilio

June 16, 2006

Nice website and best debut I have heard in some time from somebody I actually have met. Great backup musicians on it too.


March 31, 2006

It is always a pleasure to hear you play... hoping to catch a complete show soon, every open mic appearance leaves me craving more. Your CD gets much positive attention when I play it at work. Keep up the good work.

Theresa Swehla

March 26, 2006

WOW, Steve! You are an outstanding writer, guitarist and singer. Loved it!

Joan Kane

March 8, 2006

Great Sound, Steve. Terrific work. A Kane cousin, Joan

Dave Kotliar

February 23, 2006

Hey Steve,
I picked up your album last week at the Cottage and have been playing it in my car ever since.
Great songs, keep up the good work

Dave Kotliar

hartmann family

January 29, 2006

steve, great job on the radio,we were singing and dancing with our coffee. continued success!

Frank Walker

January 29, 2006

Nice radio show this morning, sir!

Amazing how strong the songs are produced or stripped down!

You rock!

Roger Silverberg

January 20, 2006

So, when you gonna be on Mountain Stage? From where I sit/stand/play, you're ready right now. When I grow up, I want to be like you ;-)


Max Collins

January 3, 2006

Steve, I am enjoying your samples on Cdbaby, heck. "enjoying". That doesn't quite cover it. I'm playing them for anyone who will listen, really! ...You are the styles you write in, love your voice, can't wait to give the whole CD a listen. Keep writing, singing, sharing Steve! My Better half, is equally impressed.

Russ Rogers

December 30, 2005

hope to see and hear you soon.

Frank Walker

December 29, 2005

You just rock!
Love ya-FW

Toby Tobias

December 29, 2005

Toby here! Hope to see you soon and listen to your great guitar work and voice.
Toby Tobias