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Steve Robinson: News

Getting Old Sucks - February 26, 2019

Hey. Looks like I am going to be out of pocket for a while. Some medical issues have put a damper on my music. A car accident in October aggravated a shoulder injury and I am going to have surgery at the end of March. Then I woke up one fine January morning with a sharp pain going down my left leg. After a month of ineffective pain meds I finally had a spinal injection last week but it was only partially effective. May need another shot. In the meantime I can not stand or walk for any extended period of time. Lastly I also developed "trigger thumb" which prevented me from bending my left thumb without pain and difficulty. A cortisone shot seems to have cured that. All in all 2019 has sucked so far and has put a big crimp in my music. Putting off any live performances until possibly early summer. Keep you posted.

CD Baby sold out - June 15, 2018

Initial CD Baby CDs of Life Down Here On Earth sold out on day 1 - More copies were sent and should be available by EOD today 6/15.

Fulton's Gate show cancelled - June 15, 2018


The June 20 Fulton's Gate show is being rescheduled for July. No date has been set.

Life Down Here On Earth available - June 12, 2018

Life Down Here On Earth. CD and downloads now available on CD Baby -

New CD Delivery date - June 1, 2018

After a series of delays, including a computer crash, I have a delivery date for the new CD "Life Down Here On Earth" - expected delivery between June 11-19. 3 years in the making with an outstanding group of musicians including Wings drummer Steve Holley and Steve Bernstein and Eric Lawrence from Levon Helm's horn section. The CD is a mixed genre containing 10 originals and 4 cover tunes.

Top 10 - May 30, 2018

I currently have 2 of my songs on Broadjam top 10 lists. "Old John" and "Little Rock and Roller"

New CD is done - January 28, 2018


I am excited to announce that the new cd is almost ready. It's been a long time coming but the new CD "Life Down Here On Earth" is mixed and ready for mastering. I want to thank my producer, Tom Griffith, and my engineer, Grammy winner Bob Stander, for all their dedication and hard work (actually we had a pretty good time). I am hoping to have the cd ready for distribution sometime in Februaryy 2018. I also need to acknowledge the contribution of some great musicians.
Steve Holley - Drums; Paul Errico and Mark Mancini - keyboards; Adam Minkoff and Bob Stander - acoustic and electric bass; Mike Nugent, Tom Griffith, and Bob Stander - guitars, John Widgren - pedal steel; Jeff Scroggins - banjo; Ellie Hakansen - fiddle; Corrin Huddleston - harmonica and bass harmonica. I also would like to thank Janet Montalbo and Maag Stanley for their vocals on "Texas Cookin'"
One more step will be mastering by the master, Gene Paul.
14 songs - 10 original and 4 cover tunes

Working on a new CD - October 16, 2015


It's been a while but I am working on my second CD. Mostly originals but I will have some of my favorite covers on it as well.

Working with producer Tom Griffith, Grammy Award winning engineer Bob Stander, and drummer extraordinaire Steve Holley of Wings.

We have laid down most of the basic tracks and hoping for a release sometime in early 2016

Forever and Always makes Top 10 List - May 5, 2010

"Forever and Always" from Back Roads has made the Jazz-Lounge top 10 list on Broadjam.

Jack's Transplant is a success - February 20, 2010

My 15 month old grandson Jack received his new kidney yesterday Feb 19 2010 at 12:30 PM. The surgery was performed at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Both he and the donor. cousin Laura Scicutella, are doing fine. We are having a benefit next Sunday Feb 28 to help cover her bills since she is not being paid during her recovery time

Back On My Feet - November 19, 2009

It's been a while but here is the latest. Suffered a ruptured quadricep tendon back in August which put me out of commission for a while but I am doing well and will start gigging again starting in December. First gig will be Dec. 4 at the Irish Cottage in Massapequa Park NY with my good friend Jin Treutlein. I've also got three solo dates planned for January, February, and March at Jessie's Roadhouse in Merrick NY. Check the Calendar for the details.

Grandchild #5 - October 15, 2008

Grandchild #5 arrived on Oct 14 2008 at 11:35 PM.
6 lbs 10 oz. - 19 inches.
Jack Robinson - a noble name. Congratulations to Stephen and Nilsa!

Happy New Year - January 4, 2007

A new year. The dems are in power. Let's see if anything actually changes.
It was a great Christmas with my grandchildren; Santa came by on Christmas Eve to the wide eyed wonderment of Emma (age 4) Gianna (who will be three in just a few days) Aidan (who will be two later this month) and Matthew (who will be two in March). I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year

Northeast In-Tune Magazine - September 22, 2006

The term “been there, done that” seems to have been made specifically for Mr. Steve Robinson, who has been involved in more professions than a small crowd combined. Though Steve personifies the term “Jack of All Trades”, it seems that his heart right now lies mainly in the field of music, where he surely must have tons to write about from the “hasn’t been dull” lifestyle his wife describes him as having. Ok, so the spirit is there, but what about the caliber of the songwriting? Well, before I can even listen to the music, I can’t help but notice that Mr. Robinson has recruited an all star band, of which all of the members have been involved in varying degrees of fame. Being the winner of the ISS Writer’s Choice award isn’t a bad thing either, especially considering that it was the first time Steve had ever entered the competition. With that, it’s time to see if the music is just as good as the back story.

With the plucking bend of guitar, “Mama’s Place” begins to play, a song with the appeal of a commercial jingle with the addition of substance. This guitar waddles around the tune, playing second only to Robinson’s vocals, detailing the “feels like home” vibe of wherever Mama’s place may be. The band is like a smooth drink on a hot day, everything is mixed exactly as it should sound. The deep precision of the bass, the country vibrato on Robinson’s voice, the punctuated percussion, it’s all there. He may have resided in Long Island his whole life, but Steve Robinson surely could make you think he was born and raised in the southern sun.

“Honeysuckle Breeze” is a throwback to the old time jazz/country standards with picturesque lyrics and a captivating chord progression. This is the type of song that I could see other musicians continually covering, ala classics such as “Ain’t Misbehavin” or “Summertime”. The song even metaphorically sways like a breeze, completely morphing its own subject matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the tune that solidified Robinson as an ISS award winner. In fact I believe I’ve just listened to it about 5 or 6 times in a row without any thought of pushing the stop button. The structure is crafted in a way that keeps the interest strong for the listener around every turn.

With “Little Rock and Roller”, Robinson has a swing at some 12 bar blues, which I followed with “I Can See It In Your Eyes”, a tune with the component of western attitude combined with a 1950s slow dance vibe. Every song by Robinson and his band of rock stars seems to hold my interest with its unique twist on something that’s already familiar. It’s almost as if they knew that some of these styles have been long stale or out of commission, breathing fresh life into them as they stretched out their creative styles. The song “Son of the Night” only closes this assumption even further, with its touches of hard rock and 60’s Hammond organ.

So what’s my final though on Steve Robinson? Well, at first I must question why this band only has one award. With their blend of revitalization injected into familiar genres, Robinson simply cannot write a bad song. If you are into music AT ALL, you will definitely dig SR, as there is always an avenue of their sound to offer you an invitation into the rest of their catalogue. With wisdom, experience, and damn good musicianship, Steve Robinson and his band busts out the old record collection and hands out the unavoidable new product.

#1 on TwangCast - June 28, 2006

"Find My Baby Blues" hit the #1 spot for the week on Twang Cast Radio out of Austin Texas on June 26. Twang Cast is an Internet country music station. You can see the lsiting at

Big in Belgium - February 12, 2006

Getting some radio play in Europe. Three shows in Belgium featured songs from Back Roads over the last few weeks

WHPC Radio - Sun. Jan 29 - January 23, 2006

Appeared on Rob Leonard's show Jan 29 2006 at 10:00 AM on WHPC 90.3 FM. Played live and recorded cuts from the CD Back Roads.

St Patrick's Day gig 0n March 17 - January 23, 2006

Join me at the Irish Cottage on Park Blvd. in Massapequa Park on March 17, 2006 for my third annual St. Patrick's Day gig. The place will be jumping. More details to come.

Photos - December 22, 2005

The family photos were taken by me - all three other photos were all taken by my good friend Sonja Lashua Fagan

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