Weekend with Grand-kids 

Just had a great weekend with all 9 grand-kids. We camped out in the backyard of my Bother-In -Law's and Sister-In-law's place up in Conesville.  The kids enjoyed a slip-and-slide afternoon, riding the quads around the property, and a campfire at night. It's not often we get to see them all at one time so it was a treat for Ellen and me..

Some new songs at different ends of the emotional spectrum 

Hi, Well with the pandemic and time on my hands I have been able to finish two new songs. Well - partly new. The music has been laying around in my head for a while but I finally wrote some lyrics. The first song is a song of loss and tells of a woman who has just lost her husband and deals with the immediate aftermath of the pain. It is called "Living Her Life Alone". There is a homemade video provided here  The second song is a happier tune as a young man tries to persuade his love to go away with him for…

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My son would have been 48 today  

As we slog through these days of coronavirus Ellen and I take time to note another sad day in our lives.  Our eldest son Stephen passed away on May 26 2017. Today, April 17, would have been his 48th birthday. You can click on the title to get access to the song "Gone" which was written before he died but has become his song.


Been a few weeks and a lot has happened. Both Ellen and I tested positive. I started with Covid symptoms on March 21. Fortunately my symptoms have been relatively mild and t have been symptom free for a week.. Ellen became quite sick the following week and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. She is recovering at home and getting better day by day but she has extreme fatigue and a bad cough. She has oxygen when she needs it, which, thankfully, is not often. Today is my birthday and my gift is that Ellen is…

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Mississippi Cruise postponed 

Well it is official. With another of our party opting out it has been decided to cancel next week's Mississippi River Boat cruise and reschedule for another time. American Cruise Lines has offered a voucher program which allows us to maintain the full value we paid and rebook for another date up through the end of 2021


Mississippi River Boat Cruise in jeapordy 

Ellen and I booked a Mississippi River cruise a year ago with 10 other members of the family. We were also going to spend 3 days in New Orleans before the cruise. Coronavirus concern has reduced the number of people to 6 but that even that is in jeopardy. Weather reports for the period of time (March 17-24)are not great and there is a chance that Ellen may not be able to take the time. She is Director of Risk Management at St John's Episcopal Hospital and they are entering a critical period as the virus…

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BK Sweeney's a great success. 

Well it was as packed as it could be for the first of Long Islands St PatrIck's Day parties. A beautiful day for a parade.  NYPD pipe band started the festivities . A lane had to be created as they marched through the bar. They were followed by yours truly doing my eclectic mix with a heavy emphasis on Irish favorites. A lot of friends showed up to see the show and it was a rousing success. Music, food, drink, and drama were all in attendance. We had singing dancing and even a medical emergency as one poor…

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Last Minute Gig  

Just got a St Patrick's gig at BK Sweeney's in Bethpage right after the Bethpage St Patrick's  parade on March 1. Thank You Johnny Nieves for mentioning my name. Looking forward to a great time

Hard Luck Cafe - Looking Back 

It has been 5 days since the Hard Luck show. I have always enjoyed playing for an attentive audience who have come to actually listen. I shared the stage with an impressive young singer/songwriter John John Brown. I asked him if he wanted to be addressed as John John or simply John. He smiled and answered "John is fine". We shared two 45 minute song swap sessions, a much better format than having  one person do the first set and the other doing the second set since merch sales happen between sets with the…

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