1. Gentle Hearts

From the recording Gentle Hearts

Dad passed away on October 5 2002. WW II vet who received a Bronze Star. Worked for Chase Bank for 30+ years and raised 6 kids. It took me 10 years bfore I could write this song.


He touched our lives with quiet fingers
Left no handprints on the wall
But he gave us more than just faded pictures
Before he left the crowded hall

Anyone who ever knew him
Those who’d seen his life unfold
Knew a gentle heart with a quiet manner
In a world of chaos cruel and cold

So fill your glass and rise up with me
Let our memories serve their part
And drink a toast of fellowship
To the quiet ones with the gentle hearts

He lived to see this time of overflow
This Tower of Babel world today
Where the more we learn the less we know
And the more we talk the less we say

Where the march to war is all the rage
Where children die and lives are shattered
Pushed by those who never faced the fray
And the bottom line is all that matters


As a young man he played the soldiers part
He faced his fears undeterred
But he never let hatred or bitterness into his heart
I never heard him say an unkind word

He was a banker by his trade
And as honest a man as I ever knew…
Once told me he’d wished he’d been a teacher
And I regret I never told him that by his example he taught us how live our lives straight and true


He touched our lives with quiet fingers
Left no handprints on the wall
But Words remain and his spirit lingers
To touch the hearts of us one and all