1. Going Home

From the recording Going Home

Some fine keyboards and harmonica add a sweet jazz flavor to this song inspired by a long traffic jammed trip home on the New York State thruway after a holiday weekend.


Weary travelers at the edge of night
Sunday traffic moving slow
A salmon sunset bids the day farewell
Everybody’s going home

I’ve been traveling since the break of day
I’m tired down to my bones
Hear an old near forgotten tune
Playing on my radio

Sweet melancholy washes over me
Recalling friends from days gone by
I wouldn’t trade all the laughs we shared
Or the tears we cried
When we said goodbye.

Silver moon swims up through the clouds
Follows everywhere we go
That old moon means no harm
Just trying to find his way back home

It’s good to know that in this crazy world we live in
There’s a place the heart can find
A smiling face; a warm embrace
A touch of kindness
And some peace of mind

New day dawning just a few more miles
I’ve crossed the river I’ve paid the toll
Anticipating a welcome kiss
I can hardly wait to get back home

Everybody’s going home