From the recording Let Me Dance With You

Inspired by years of watching women gracefully move on the dance floor.


I watch you shimmy I watch you glide
Move like an angel with the devil inside
Queen of dance
Baby give me half a chance

You mesmerize me with the way you move
You draw me in to that soulful groove
You put me in a trance
Make me want to dance

Your motion’s like a sweet love potion
You know you look so good
Rolling like the ocean
Gives me the notion
We could dance across this great wide world

So come with me baby to that great unknown
I’m no pretender I‘ve got moves of my own
Come on take that ride
Let’s shimmy side by side

So shake me up baby and never stop
Make me fizzle like a soda pop
Wild and sweeter than a honey bee
You’ve got me on my knees

If I had a mansion and a fancy yacht
As happy as I was with what I’ve got
And made a million dollars every day
I’d throw it all away

Just to dance with you
For a step or two

So take my hand baby
Let me dance with you