1. Every Minute

From the recording Every Minute


We kiss goodbye every morning at the station
Then we each go our separate ways
In case I hadn’t told you
My heart is gonna hold you
Every minute of the day

You call me up
Just to say hello
I know that I don’t have much to say
But don’t let the silence fool you
My love is going out to you
Every minute of the day


All through the day you are on my mind
Even though you may not know it
And when the days get dark you’re my ray of sunshine
Even though I may not always show it

And when the day is over
And we’re riding home together
We don’t talk much but that’s ok
‘Cause Love is where I find you
Sitting there beside you
Every minute of the day


So many little things hold two hearts together
The things that you can not say in words
But every now and then there is a simple pleasure
When the sound “I love you” can be heard

You have often told me
That I don’t express emotion
And I agree it’s not my way
So I’ll sing this song just for you
To tell you I adore you
Every minute
Every single minute
Every minute of the day

Every minute
With all the love that’s in it
Every minute of the day – 3x