From the recording Forever and Always


I read the letters that you wrote
And signed “Forever and Always”
The scent of your perfume
Is almost faded and gone
The whiskey hasn’t filled this emptiness inside
So I think I’ll buy another round
And try to figure out
How to turn this lonely life around

This heart out on my sleeve
Is looking tattered and worn
It’s gonna walk these empty streets
Just looking for the dawn
Sleep brings no release ‘cause I’ll dream that I’m with you
But when I wake up you’ll still be gone
I’ll be haunted by those words
“Forever and Always”

I see your face in every corner
I hear your voice in every song
I know I’ve got to let it go
But I’m just not that strong
Those words of love you sent me I never can forget
Because they’re written here on my broken heart
And I know that they will be there
“Forever and Always”