From the recording I Could See It In Your Eyes


I could see it in your eyes
You’re heart was filled with impending goodbyes
And there’s nothing I could do or say
To make you change your mind
I don’t know how it all went wrong
But the feelings that were once so strong have died

I could feel it in your kiss
Your lips were full your mouth was warm
But there was something missing
Something that we both tried to deny
Was it me or was it you
Or was it that the two of us stopped trying

Why do we let the flames of love turn to embers
Why do we leave it to wither on the vine
Why do we let love turn to bittersweet memories
Are we so afraid that love will leave us crying

Weren’t we happy for a while
You used to turn to me and I would see you smile
But lately you know it hasn’t been the same
I saw that smile begin to fade
Was something that I did or said to blame

Never been a sentimental man
The past is past and the future’s at hand
But when I think of all the love we shared
It hurts to think it’s through
And I know this pain will fade away
But I’ve got to find a way to live without you
And I know this pain will fade away
But I’ve got to make it through this day without you

I could see it in your eyes
Did you see the same in mine