1. Lucinda

From the recording Lucinda


Lucinda why don’t you answer when I call
I know you hear me
Why won’t you talk to me at all
How can I make you listen
When you won’t pick up the phone
You know I need your kissing
But I’m sittin hear alone
Without Lucinda, baby please don’t make me crawl

It isn’t easy when you hear your baby say
She doesn’t love you
As she turns to walk away
Like a lightning bolt it hit me
I couldn’t even cry
I stood there like a penitent
Reaching for the sky
I’m sorry baby what can I do to make you stay

I’ve got a notion
To ride on into town
I’ll take my shotgun
Cause I’m feelin so lowdown
And when I see you with that man
I know just what I’ll do
I’ve got three shotgun shells
One for him and one for you
And then Lucinda
I’ll meet you in the ground