1. Mama's Place

From the recording Mama's Place


If you wanna feel happy when you’re feelin blue
Let me tell you what you can do
Put your glad rags on and make your way
On down the road to Mama’s Place

Well it’s right smack dab in the middle of town
Don’t look like much but when the sun goes down
The joint starts jumpin’, you can feel the heat
As people start dancing to a boogie beat

People all come from miles around
To hear the rhythm that the band lays down
The music’s hot and the beers are cold
You can rock on down to save your soul

So when you get that itchy feelin in your bones
And you can’t scratch them sittin’ there at home
Grab your baby or go alone
You won’t be lonely very long
Listen now people what I’m telling you
Mama’s gonna rock away all your blues

They got ribs cooking they got chicken frying
They got ladies on the dance floor feet are flying
Saints and sinners side by side
Everybody having one hell of a time

I need to feel that rhythm in my feet
So grab the keys and climb up on that seat

Lock the door and close the gate
We’re goin on down to Mama’s Place
Shut the windows turn out the lights
We’re not getting home until daylight

So whenever you want to go on a spree
Mama’s Place is the place to be
There’s always something goin’ on
We can party on down till the break of dawn